Sunday, August 14, 2011

Was just wondering! o.O

Hey All! ^_^
The college is starting to get more tiring, and time consuming as the session is moving further. So I am not getting time to blog daily. So I was thinking to make posts on weekend, and then schedule them to publish one per day for the whole week. And if in the middle of the week, someday, I think that I got something else to share, and I have got time, so I may post it then! Then I thought, that how would I be able to think of so many things in the weekend only that could keep up the work of the blog going good. Then it came to my mind, that I can do it like this, that, get a topic for a day and then make posts accordingly. I mean, I thought this:
Monday - Intellectual/Philosophical
Tuesday - Technology
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Intellectual/Philosophical
Friday - Facts
Saturday - Software
Sunday - Games

Though after that I again thought, abiding to this rule would again be hectic and won't work in the long run! So the ideas dropped, and I'll see what to do! LOL!! Wondering...Wondering...Wondering...!! hahahaha!!

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