Monday, August 8, 2011

When Lemon is sweeter than Sugar!

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Ever considered the statement that I gave as the title to this post of mine? - Can Lemons be sweeter than Sugar? Well with a big laughter, the reader would say, "Man! Are you gone nuts?! Sugar tastes sweet and lemons taste sour! What sort of question is this? How can lemons be sweeter than sugar itself?!" And then I would say, just like I always say, "Its just the matter how you perceive things!"
You didn't get my point?! Wait, give me a chance to explain! :D
What if we make lemonade from lemons? Would it then be sweet? And you'd say, "Yes! But you added sugar to it!" But still, it would be sweeter than sugar, because it would have more qualities attached to it, like its refreshing behavior!
Now that makes lemon to be sweeter than sugar. Things seem to be simple when you have the answer, else they seem to be impossible. And when someone gives the answer, people are not ready to accept it and give different reasons to prove it wrong, somehow! We know that sweetness attracts everyone, and being sour/bitter turns people off. But what if the sweetness is just a false flattery that camouflages in itself some selfish, and destructive motives? Well such sweetness is of no use! And what if the bitterness/sourness got in itself tonnes of things for your betterment? Such bitterness becomes sweet!
So you see, its not the question of the name/appearance... Its the question of what the thing actually is. our abilities do make us what we are, but sometimes more than them, its our choices which make us who we are!
Good Day!! ^_^

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