Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Using Power Button to Turn off PC? - Tech Tuesday!

Hello All! ^_^
I am trying to stick my Organising Rules! LOL! So its Tuesday ,and that means - Tech Tuesday! :D
So what's the topic for today! OMG! I must look above now! LOL!
 Yes! So we were talking about the Power Button on your so called CPU. Yes! But first of all lets clear our one thing, technically speaking, the CPU(or Central Processing Unit, quite a long name, isn't it?! Booring! *yawn*, er, leave it) is the Processor inside that big Cabinet which we people generally end up calling CPU. The processor is CPU?! Yes, it is! You mean that whole big box with sooo many small-small strange looking things are not collectively called CPU?! Well, yes, that's what I mean! In our general day-to-day life, we have been adapted to call it CPU and not Cabinet. I know that doesn't makes any point or sense over here as it seems off topic, but I was just sharpening your GTK! (GTK?! wtf! is that! :O GTK is General Technical Knowledge! haha! Think the Toxifer way! ;) ) But here I won't be calling it Cabinet, I will keep it CPU only. So we were talking about the Power Button on our CPUs. 

The myth says, "Computer can be damaged by its use for shutting it down". And the fact says, "The myth can be true only if you are talking of very old computers which didn't had that Soft Power Button". 

The soft power button that we now-a-days have, aren't just switches, they are electronic items as a whole which got capabilities of 2 functions, one traditional HARD SHUTDOWN or Power OFF, and the second, a proper user-control system. The user-control system means that, it is upto us which shortcut we want to assign to that button on our Computer Systems. You can change those settings in your Control Panel of Windows. (Don't worry, Linux and Mac too have that feature! :P). 

The traditional power buttons had a drawback, which was, they were simple SWITCH! That means, a turn on or a turn off could cause a momentarily-lived, electrical surge that could corrupt some data, or damage your sensitive semiconductors. But the new power buttons rule off that. How?! Well! TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCED NOW! Come on friends! :P So don't worry that you have pressed that Soft-power button and your computer was shut down would have damaged your data. No! I have tried and tested, and read several articles on Internet before writing this article over here! So chill! Your PC ain't at risk, and that power button has got a huge life-span so you don't have to worry of it getting worn-out! 

Now if we press that soft-button for a few seconds, it renders a hard shutdown, same as what our traditional power off button did! But still electric or current surge ain't anything to worry much(accidents can happen of course, but probability is getting lesser everyday!). 
So you guys can easily use that power button as shortcuts to ShutDown, or standby, or hibernate, whatever feature you want to activate via Control Panel(ShutDown, by default!) and be cool, nothing will happen!
But yes! if you still have that traditional Cabinet, then it might be damaging, in that case, don't do it.

Thanks for reading, good day friends! ^_^

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