Monday, September 12, 2011

Super Police Racing - Free Game Download!

Hello All!! ^_^
Thought to share a new game with you all today, oh! in the middle of my exams?! LOL! yes! well, who could study whole day?! :P
So here is the game - Super Police Racing. Developed by GameHitZone
As you all know, I don't share things without using them on my own, so let me make it clear this time too - I am NOT any affiliate to any gaming sites, I am just sharing things I like, and think they are cool enough to be shared with all! I have played the game and it works fine. The graphics are much impressive when we consider the size of the game, the game is just 47.6 MB! The graphics are cool, and the game is small and fun! So this is yet another, small-time, pastime, fun game! Give it a try, it's worth playing, well atleast when you have got little time to relax! Keep your Call of Duty and all for the moments when you got much time on your hands, to relax! LOL! Try it! try it! TRY IT OUT!!

SCREENSHOTS: (Download links after the screenshots!)

And here are your Download links! Enjoy! :D To Download this game(FREE, SAFE AND LEGAL!), CLICK HERE or MIRROR LINK

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