Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its an endless well!

I had been wondering where is our world heading to these days? I have always been a keen listener and speaker when we are talking about the current scenario of the world. I mean the scenario in every sense. Be it sports, politics, or general life of a common man. How many hardships one has to suffer for the idiotism of others, and sometimes, how some people act so strangely strange that it doesn't makes sense what they are doing or speaking!

In general life when we notice the things happening around us, we are pissed off of nearly everything, but if we observe and think about what is happening, we would realise the things are quite much different than they seem to be. In all, neither we understand the actions of others, nor to others understand the actions of ours. You may say, its like a chain or some kind of an action-reaction or give-'n'-take pair.

When we see what's happening around us, we tend to accuse most of the things and it all seems like an endless well in which our future is falling. but why are we letting are future to go into stark darkness for the foolishness of others? Some say, we should do something, and they never stand up, others would stand up and turn so aggressive and violent, that their efforts go futile, else others would be highly indifferent to whatever is going on around.

Does it makes sense to fight for everything? No! but neither it makes sense to silently keep seeing what's going on.

Let's talk about the sports. If you people would have noticed the current tour, Cricket I am talking of, that India went to England, one would have surely been amazed to see, a complete white-wash that the great cricket team suffered. They say, they didn't had god bowlers, and the ones they had, were injured. The batsmen too were injured. Okay! if that's the case, one should not be expecting to see 'em in the upcoming T-20 series! but they all will be there! Reason - Money! A lot of money they get to perform good in these leagues, such as the IPL, ICL, and CLT-20. But what goo they fetch by giving a poor performance for their own nation? And what a common man does instead of just accusing them? Can't we really do anything? o_O

Sometimes I wonder all this, and then it seems all to be futile to think....The current scenario of the world seems to full of crap and what we can see around us happening seems to be crap too. And then, all I can do is just keep wondering and the be quiet...Seems this is an endless well, which is full of thoughts and emotions, but who cares! :/ The labyrinth of endless well...

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