Saturday, September 24, 2011

Color Bricks - Free game Download! - Gaming Saturday

Hello All!! ^_^
Here to you all I present yet another game by GameHitZone, the developers of free, and superb small games! :)

Color Bricks is similar to your Tetris, but you may call it Modern Tetris! haha! The game is cool and fun! The bricks are cool, I mean, the graphics are again SUPERB and OUTSTANDING! :) (Hey! Only as per the size of the game!) A fun game that is good for relaxing in your coffee breaks in office, or when you are too busy for you big games! :)

I recommend it to you all and say, hey friends! give it a try! The game is nice enough to be tried, once atleast! :)

I found it to be another small-time pastime, so thought must share with all the readers of my blog! :)

Good Day! ^_^

Links to download Follow the Screenshots! :)

CLICK HERE to download now(free, full and legal) or MIRROR LINK

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