Sunday, September 4, 2011

Web File Hosting Sites! - O.K. Tested! :D

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So my dear friends, today I would like to share some great File Hosting Sites from my own experiences. We know that when we have to send some files to our friends in a different location, e-mail comes to our rescue. But what if the file size is big? Either we have to split the file or we cannot send it as an e-mail through our mostly used and popular free e-mail services. Then of course we are left with just 2 choices, manually take the file to the person, in some other storage media, or resort to some paid e-mailing service. But is the former possible? And what if you don't have to send such large files many times in a month? Then even the latter is rendered useless! Then what we gotta do in such a situation? Yes! Web File Hosting is the final resort. Over the years I have used many web based file hosting services, and today I would like to make my readers aware of them. :)
1. Rapidshare - Aha! That clicks something in everyone's mind! ;) Rapidshare is one of the most widely used web based file hosting services, in both free and paid modes. The only problem with free modes are, speed, bandwidth, and of course time limit. :/ Else if we see overall, Rapidshare is one of the best! :)
 CLICK HERE to join now!
2. Mediafire -
One of the most popular amongst my friends! Reason? Well, in our college when we used to make programs and all, and we thought to e-mail them to ourselves, our college's security protocols didn't allow the files to be attached! :/ So mediafire is that web based file hosting service that me and my friends have used in such situations and still use(WELL! I am still a student only! :P).
CLICK HERE to join now!
3. Ziddu -

My Personal Favorite! :D Ziddu is yet another Web based file hosting service with the best part being, it has no paid plans. Gives you freedom to store unlimited files, and even gives you a revenue of $0.0001 per download of any file you uploaded!. I am a member of this service since quite a long time and till date I have just earned $3 LOL! But its not my favorite because of revenue generation(you guys can see its tooooooo less! :/) but because of the free part and no paid part! Click on the following pic to join! :)
4. Fileden -
CLICK HERE to join now!

uh, I didn't had a good experience with this one though. No, I don't mean its not good. The file hosting service is just excellent and the links are compatible with many web flash based media player too! its a great plus point in this site! :D
5. Hotfile

Another cool file hosting site. I like it too. it has got both free and premium programs just like Rapidshare. The file size limit is 400MB for free users. it also got an affiliate program!
CLICK HERE to join!
So in case you think of joining any of the above sites, please use the links I have given above so that I can earn a referral, PLEASE!
Thank you! :)

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