Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nokia X2-01 : Problem with Security Keyguard

Hello All! ^_^

In the recent times, I have seen people having problems with the security keyguard feature of The Nokia X2-01. Security Keyguard, is one such feature that brings an unusual glow in some people's eyes! LOL! Not just specifically locking things, but locking the whole phone with the password! Wow! It indeed is a good idea to prevent misuse of your phone, for whatever purpose. But I have seen people having problems with this feature in Nokia X2-01. One may thank the cramped QWERTY keypad of the phone(which actually doesn't seems to be cramped, but once you use it, HUH! You know it! :P ). In case one inputs a wrong unlock code in Nokia X2-01 phone(well, in any Nokia Phone with Security enabled! :/), more than a certain times(I guess 4 or 5 it is, not too sure though! :/) then your mobile phone will get hard locked and every so often become unusable. now what comes to the rescue?! ₹200/- straight to a service centre or letting the Internet do it for you free?! :O My bro got this problem a day ago(And here is another one added on the list of the victims! LOL!). So we were searching the Internet for a way to get rid of this problem without going to the Service Centre(and also to save those ₹200/- LOL!) And EUREKA! We found a method(THAT WORKED!). This method allows one to unlock his/her Nokia X2-01 but only allows the owner to do so! Why?! Simple! because you need to know the code that you made your security code! Who else than you knows it? Oh! or there are people who know it?! :O Anyways, the method is simple and easy, I found it in one of the forums. If I remembered the name, I would have loved to share the name, but alas! Anyways, here is how to do it! :-
  1. Switch on Nokia X2-01 with no sim card.
  2. Don't worry as to what is shows on your Nokia X2-01.
  3. Type #pw+CODE+1#.
  4. The Nokia X2-01 would then show the message "SIM Restriction Off" and will be unlocked!
  • The letter p displays if you hit the button star (*) 3 times quickly
  • The letter w displays if you hit the button star (*) 4 times quickly
  • The symbol + displays if you hit the button star (*) 2 times quickly
  • The CODE you have to enter is the unique unlock code for your Nokia X2-01

The method as you see is simple, but you need to know the code that you entered as your security code. So you see this method is not for helping anyone to unlock somebody else's phone! :P
Thank you for reading, suggestions welcomed! ^_^


  1. which code in enter pls tell me

    1. the one you entered as your security code when you assigned a security code


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