Friday, September 9, 2011

Ubuntu 10.10 - Seems Those Days are Gone! :/

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Many of us by now know what Ubuntu is. It has done much enough to prove its worth as worthy contender and a free alternative in the market of Operating Systems. Being much like Windows in usage, it offers the users to easily switch to it and thus people find it quite a reliable Linux Operating System. Though there are better Linux available, but for a general Desktop User(not a professional), an environment and user interface that is much alike windows is preferable. But this time, Ubuntu seems to be losing its spot at the top of the Linux Distribution heap. The easy-to-use distro has been a a great hit and actually a favourite among the casual users and Linux advocates, alike. Recently though, long-time fans have been deeply divided due to the switch to Unity, a new visual interface that breaks away from several common conventions and in fact trades Linux's trademark flexibility for flashy graphics, which many in-fact find Distracting!
The users who like Ubuntu because they wanted to try something new, and experiment with Linux, are now finding that other Operating Systems like Mint and Fedora are better, all because of the new graphical environment - Unity! And the story doesn't ends here, Ubuntu hints that Ubuntu 11.04 still has the capability to revert back to GNOME(The environment we were using as yet, which was much like Windows), but its next release 11.10, won't be having that option! So you may know, how badly certain fans are hurt(Including me! Even I like GNOME more than Unity, I have used all Ubuntu versions since the Ubuntu 6.xx)

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Oh by the way, I have got downloading links for the Ubuntu 10.10(one of my favourites and without that Unity environment). So if you may like, you may download it from the following links. It is completely legal and safe and clean download. It is an .iso image file split into RAR archive parts. So you might need an archiving software to extract them, the link for that :
  • If you like WinRAR(Trial version) 32-bit Windows | 64 bit Windows
  • OR
  • If you want a free, full-version(legal, clean and safe download and use) - 7-zip v9.20 - 32 bit Windows(x86) | 64 bit Windows (x64).
  •  Since its an .iso image file(after extraction via 7-zip/WinRAR), you may burn it using a CD-Burner(like Nero, etc.) or if you want to install Ubuntu inside Windows, then you may mount the image too using a software of the kind, Daemon Tools. CLICK HERE to download the free version of Daemon Tools
And the download links for Ubuntu 10.10 follow after the CD-pic!

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