Sunday, September 25, 2011

Broken Shortcut Fixer - Super Sunday!

Hello All! ^_^
So the last day of the week! Phew! Its difficult to maintain the blog like this! LOL! I guess in future, I'll maintain the blog with the post types as said earlier, but if I won't have time I won't update daily!

So today is Sunday, power Packed Sunday!! :D No rules of what to post! haha! So today what should I share with you all?! hmmm...I have to think over it for sometime, I guess!

So so so...What should I share?!

Hmmm..I will be sharing some cool downloads with you all, free and legal! :) I will break them up in different posts for today only. So the first downalod is here, and is in this post:

Broken Shortcut Fixer
We install and uninstall a lot of software, so it's no surprise that our Start menu gets cluttered with broken shortcuts pretty regularly. Thus we were the perfect test subject for Broken Shortcut Fixer, a program that claims to locate broken shortcuts, repair them if possible, and delete them if not.

Though not that awesome, but the software is cool enough to be tried! Well, if not does everything, helps you save some of your time which you otherwise might spend deleting such shortcuts!

to download now.

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