Sunday, September 18, 2011

Assault Druid - Free Game Download!

Hello All!! ^_^

Exams are over now and I am back to my blog. Phew! Its enough of the time when there has had been no posts over here, I see! 13 posts in 18 days of September? Sounds quite strange with respect to 29 posts in 5 days of July! LOL! or 33 posts in 31 days of August! Ah well! I get busier everyday! And July were my holidays! I cannot post everyday! huh! >_< Oops! Seems I am getting a bit tooo off topic now! LOL! Alright, now lets get back, so what was the topic(GEESH! I would have to look back up, just a second! :/ )

Here to you all I present yet another game by GameHitZone, the developers of free, and superb small games! :)

Assault Druid is here for you! Graphics like Diablo 2 :P But the game is nice. For all the rampage fans, who are no longer able to play much of the games all because they are getting too busy, Assault Druid is the best game that would satisfy their appetite! Of course, it ain't that great a game, but hey! Cool Enough to be tried! :) The gameplay is good, and the game overall, is ummm..between average and may say, okie-dokie sort of, but worth trying! :D

I recommend it to you all and say, hey friends! give it a try! The game is nice enough to be tried, once atleast! :)

I found it to be another small-time pastime, so thought must share with all the readers of my blog! :)

Good Day! ^_^

Links to download Follow the Screenshots! :)



CLICK HERE to download now(free, full and legal!) or MIRROR LINK

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