Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Mirror - Intellectual Thursday!

Hello All!! ^_^

Just continuing with the regime that was decided! haha! its Thursday, and lets talk about something intellectual/philosophical/interesting and logical!

Today, I would like to talk about a Mirror. A mirror as we know is a glass that is polished from one side so that the other side can be used to see one's reflection. A mirror is quite similar, even when we think of a mirror philosophically!

A mirror reflects one's looks, if we see from the perspective of an outsider. But if we think, we would see that a mirror reflects everything in front of it, unbiased! Hence a mirror seems to teach us a lesson on being unbiased and to support the truth!

A mirror is something which is used by almost everyone. One would definitely find a mirror in the handbag of most women. A mirror seems to be highly associated with women. Every woman would spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, grooming herself. But we cannot say that men aren't to do anything with mirror. As I said, it is used by everyone, even when a man sees a mirror, he would get conscious suddenly, and would style his hair, groom his shirt/collar, etc.

Thus we see a mirror can be seen in both perspectives, actual, and philosophical. A mirror would reflect what is in its front, teaching us to be unbiased. A mirror would not lie thinking that in front of it is its owner, or somebody else. A mirror would help decorate things. A mirror is something that grooms our rooms.

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