Saturday, September 10, 2011

Avast Antivirus v6 - Free - 3.5* out of 5*

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Would be busy with exams next week, so won't be posting much on here till that. But before, I thought to share a security software, yes - An Antivirus Software. I know there are many antivirus software available in the market, but we all know, how many of us use ORIGINAL. The problem is not that we don't want to spend a penny on our security, the problem is that the antivirus software sometimes seem to be asking more than their worth! :/ What solution then most of us resort to then? PIRACY! But instead of that why not go on for some free antivirus? For a corporate or business user, I would say, they got to buy an original Antivirus, but what of a general home-user? It would seem to be waste! My personal suggestion for such users is to go for a free antivirus software like Avast or AVG. I will post about AVG soon too :) But for now, Avast!

Avast! is there in the world of free antivirus software since a long time now. In these years, it has done much to be a name known to many people around the world. What makes it so special? Well both features combined with light-weight! It doesn't use up much of our computer resources, and still provide us with a mediocre security against viruses to a everyday, general Home-User(Mind it! I am not talking of any professional, just a general Home-User!)
I am not recommending this Antivirus Software for no reason, I have got strong reasons for that. I won't go much into details for now.

(You may consider this CNET article if you want to go into many details. CLICK HERE for CNET article)

And now What's new(and catchy) in new Avast! 6
Looks - Avast 6's interface is virtually identical to the previous version's. Perhaps the most major change, aside from a slight lightening of the gray in the color scheme, is the removal of the Windows Explorer-style forward and backward buttons.

New Feature - Sandbox(After Comodo Free Antivirus, Avast! becomes the second of the free Antiviruses to offer this feature.) - As the program runs, the sandbox keeps track of file behaviors and what it reads and writes from the Registry. Permanent changes are virtualized, so when the process terminates itself, the system changes it made will evaporate.

Moreover, the User Interface is improved. The security is enhanced since it tracks files better than before, and also the overall stability of the Software has increased!

I would like to give a rating of 3.5 out 5 to this antivirus based on my own experiences.

CLICK HERE to download now - Free, safe, legal! :)

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