Friday, July 29, 2011

Scanning the partition - How to do it!

A great facebook friend of mine used to have a big problem with computer speed. After that I realised there would be many who would be having the same problem and won't be having the knowledge of such simple utilities such as Disk Defragmentation and Scandisk. So here is a short tutorial to how to scan a partition or as you say, a drive on your hard disk! Its simple and you can easily understand it through the screenshots. (Disk Defragmentation has been discussed earlier, check older posts for that).
Just open My Computer. Right Click on the drive you want to scan. Click Tools. Then Click "Check Now". Then tick the two boxes. NOTE - Tick both the boxes if your computer is too slow. If you are doing it for maintenance purpose, just tick the box that is above, I mean the one that says - "Automatically fix file system errors". Click Start. A pop-up would appear. Click Yes. and then restart your PC. Once you see that black booting screen with the logo of your Windows, the scan would start. NOTE - You cannot cancel the scan in middle. If you think you cannot give time for the scan right now, you get 10 seconds to cancel it before it starts. But after that, you'll have to set it again as told earlier!.


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