Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flowers or Cactus - Just the way you think!

Hello all!
A well said quote is:
Friends are like flowers!
Now lets universalize this one from friends to relations...Oh yes, relationships are beautiful just like flowers...But flowers require so much of care, and yes so do the relationships too else they both wilt or one may say die off!
But why?! Why do relationships have to be like flowers? Beautiful but weak, aren't they? According to me, relationships must be like Cactus, tough to survive all kinds of habitats and weathers, and at the same time, protected by the thorns so that no outsider can ruin it. But what of flowers? They won't understand that you are unable to give them water for sometime because you are busy, and what would happen then?! They would die off certainly, and that too in no time...I have no grudges against flowers! LOL! But I have problems when one say that their relationship is strong, their relationship is like flower, or they say, Cactus can't be symbol of love!
I say, its all how we look at things, even a cactus can be beautiful, its all how you perceive things...A cactus tries to strengthen its position by using its roots to penetrate deep into the land but what of a flower? Anybody might ruin it! A cactus on the other hand, remains unaffected most of the time!
I am just saying the things that I feel like, though I know not everyone would agree with me, but try and think once, why only a flower to be gifted and cactus to be seen with hate? They both are living and so both contain life. Moreover a cactus is tougher and survives everything!
Thank you for reading, hope you have a good day!! ^_^

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