Friday, July 29, 2011

Strike Drugs before Strangle You!

Hello everybody! I was looking through my Cupboard today, I found some articles I have written during my school life. One of them was "Strike Drugs before the Strangle You!" . Though not written so well, but still worth sharing, I guess! So here it goes:

In todays world, everywhere one can find addicts. Some are sport addicts, some are party-addicts, some are addicts to movies, etc. and etc. But the most devastating addiction is of Drugs. Addiction start out of curiosity. Once you are curious about something you tend to try it out. Once you start liking it, you may become addicted to it. many addicts are friends generated, i.e., they become addicts because they feel inferior in front of their friends who are already addicts. Some come out of boredom. While others come out of stress, social alienation, unhappiness, etc. Drug addiction has not just one reason but many.Drug Addiction leads to loss of appetite, eye disorders, physical and mental disorders, and in worst cases lead to death. Drug Addicts generally have puffy eyes and are short tempered. Their mood changes suddenly and they start showing tantrums. To get rid of stress and problems (only psychologically!), the take drugs. However they make their own lives a hell and create large holes in their own pockets. Those who are unable gather enough money to buy drugs, find other like stealing, theft, robbery. Some may become decoits even. They start becoming burden, both socially and economically, on a society, or on the country as a whole!.
We must make our own relatives, friends, neighbors aware about the not so good effects of drugs on one's life. I think, the motto of one's life must be - "Strike Drugs Before They Strangle You!"
"If you take drugs periodically
they'll harm you mentally
they make you weak physically, and economically
they devastate your image, socially
So why not leave drugs
before they strangle you?
After all, this your life
no one else can live it,
other than you!"

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