Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 reasons why Linux is at par with Windows!

I can post this again, and again and yet again! Linux is simply better than Windows in so many respects! Let me give you some of the reasons why I say so
#1 - Linux is Open-Source Unix like Operating System. Oh what does that mean?! Well, Linux is Open-Source, that means, the source code of Linux can be used and changed by anyone and everyone for non-commercial use and for License Holders(which is quite easy to get for those who need it) for commercial uses. (Source - My knowledge)
#2 - Most of the softwares and utilities are available free of cost, even the Operating system(many Linux based operating Systems) are available free of cost, for ex, Ubuntu. (Source - My knowledge)
#3 - Linux is SUPERFAST! You can get a hint of it from the FACT that Linux runs the 10 fastest supercomputers of the world! (Source - Wikipedia)
#4 - Linux is much more secure than Windows. Now there are more reasons for this one. (Source - Internet and my knowledge combined!)
  • Except for the root, no user gets privileges to edit the system files in Linux. So you see, your psyche won't help you play with system files of Linux the way you did with your Windows!
  • Most of the viruses are executable files, i.e., ".exe" files. Linux doesn't supports ".exe" as such(though plugins might allow, but that is a different case). 
  • Instead of registry, Linux got Configuration files which, as said earlier, are inaccessible to NORMAL USER, and thus your system becomes more secure. You may note a point that Viruses store their information in registry sometimes, so that if you happen to delete them, they can come back from the registry to re-infect your PC. This problem is overcome in Linux.
To know more about this amazing Operating system, LINUX please visit :

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