Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello World!

A big Hello to all of you from the publisher and owner of this blog - Bhanu Gupta. Though I would like to blog under my pen-name Dя Toxifier. I have closed down all my old blogs and starting afresh with this new blog with all Cool Posts, one may say, The Bhanu Gupta way! haha!! I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and have fun. I also hope that you people make useful comments that would be worthy in helping me make the blog a hit just as my older ones(now closed! :'( ). This blog is of miscellaneous topic. You may say, it will be having posts of every topic! LOL! Posts with my original content, so kindly DON'T COPY! :p

I am a student of Computer Engineering and would love to share technical info which I think is just super-cool to share with everybody! :D

I wish you all a great day and quality time reading my new blog. Good Day! ^_^

~Cheers and Regards~
Bhanu Gupta
[Dя Toxifier]

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