Friday, July 29, 2011

Beautiful Seasons, Music of Nature, Orchestra of God

Hello All! ^_^
I just recall a nice excerpt from one of the chapters in my English textbook at school. The chapter was a play by Susan Hill, titled, "On the face of it". It goes as follows:
Mr. Lamb : I'm not fond of curtains. Shutting things out, shutting things in. I like the light and the darkness, and the windows open, to hear the wind.
Derry : Yes. I like that. When it's raining, I like to hear it on the roof.
Such beautiful lines these are, I must say! Some of us, sometimes get scared of the sounds of rain, the thunder, the sight of lightening, and all. But I enjoy them all. I love the huge orchestra god is playing up from the heaven, and how beautifully he makes the Nature play the music. I love the smell of the wet soil. I love the sound of falling water when it rains. I love the sky when there is lightening. I love the music of winds. I like the bedlam of leaves it makes in the autumn. I equally love the flowers in a beautiful spring. I love the sunshine during summers. I love the snow during winters. Such a beautiful and wonderful world it seems. So colorful as the seasons change. God shows his divine benevolence bestowing it upon us in the form of changing seasons. Enjoy every second of life you got. Enjoy every day. Enjoy every season. After all, God has done so much just to put an evergreen smile on the face of us all!
Good night! ^_^

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