Friday, July 29, 2011

Learning to walk? - Walk Alone

When we took our first lesson of walking, we fell too many times, but still we tried again and again to walk. Why? because we knew somebody would help us out because it was our parents/guardians with us to save us from being hurt. But was it so easy? Were we never hurt? yes we were and many times. Then why do we give up so easily in front of the adversities that life throws our way?! Are we still thinking that somebody would help us walk on the path of life? The answer is no, rather a Big NO! Its not that our friends or loved ones aren't there for us, but if we won't learn to do things without their help, if we won't learn to live alone, we would be missing an important chapter of the book of life!
I myself have got many friends and I too miss them when I need them, but it doesn't mean I stop fighting my path if they are not around. I love my family and friends, but frankly speaking, I am not at all thinking that if I be in a problem, there would be anyone who would come to help me. I don't have any grudges against anyone, its just that I have learned through my experiences in life. I have learned that whenever a challenge comes in front of us, we must try our level best, it not just helps us realize our true potential, but it also enhances our limits. I remember it very well, an English teacher at my school used to say this too much - "For a smart fellow, sky is the limit!" I was around 14 year old, when I heard this line for the first time, and from that day I have added it to list of my favorite quotes that I never forget!
Life offers us so many opportunities to realize what we are, and how to make ourselves self reliant, but alas! many of us let the golden chance go and then we cannot even regret. The reason? We consider them adversities. We are unable to see that they were actually opportunities to connect with our inner-self, those were opportunities camouflaged in the form of adversities.
So have faith in yourself, and learn to be self-reliant, only then you can fight your way to victory!

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