Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Rusting Blade

I thought to share one of my poems here with you all.. I hope you people respect my work and don't copy. Thank you!

"The Rusting Blade"

Standing still
in that battleground
with my head held low
no, not another blow
nor the reason being defeat
but the cry
of my blade
and that's why
my head ain't held high

I tried to fight
as long as I could
rather as long
as you hid
But that hardest blow
of truth that was never known
made me to face
that deadly defeat.
Blood started to pooze out
not by the wounds
caused by thy blade
but the unhealed wounds
that the truth scratched
and wrecked open

I ain't sad
coz. of the defeat
I ain't crying
coz. you ditched me
but I am sad
& I am cryin'
cause I had to kill you

The bond
that was formed between us
which I tended with all my love and care
shouldn't have had
been broken like this
& I never knew
it would end in such a despair

Your smile
which once captivated me
I never knew
would start degrading me
Slowly you took
everything away
and left me to fight you
with this rusting blade

But I couldn't hold myself for long
After killing all
soon the death took me too
away with it
somewhere, where you
ain't there
where my life
ain't a rusting blade

Written by - Bhanu Gupta (aka Dя Toxifier)
Kindly don't copy..Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome work boy I luv it

  2. Thanks a lot for reading my blog and appreciating my work! ^_^


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