Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disk Defragmentaion!

A simple, though long, but a highly efficient way of keeping your PC working fine, I mean in terms of speed(if its not malware!) is Disk Defragmentation! Disk Defragmentation is just as the name suggests the process in which the fragmented parts of the data stored on your Hard Disk Drive would get defragmented or you can say would get combined. Actually the problem is that most of us use Windows, though a great Operating System, but when it comes to storing the files? Well! its a havoc! A disaster!! Highly inefficient!!! What happens is that when we store huge amount of data, or rather when we store a file with a big file size(example, any CD-Image) the Windows store it in parts or fragments. The more older your Windows gets, plus the more time between two Defragmentation processes is, the more far away these parts are stored(understand it this way!). Now when the parts are far away in the Disk, your Operating System has to do more work while executing a singly file, because it has to run all the parts. Now that causes the execution to get a bit slower, and as time passes, it keeps on getting slower, and slower and Slower! So what comes to the rescue?! Of course! Disk Defragmentation! It is a time consuming process, but you don't have to do it time and again...You may say, erm, once every 3 months. The Disk Defragmentation process brings together these fragments and hence help save the execution time for those files when we run them. You may call it one of the most efficient and the best way to get your PC a speed boost!!

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