Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, the glass is half empty!

Its quite an old saying that, "Never look at the glass as half empty, look it as if its half filled!"

But I say, let the old saying go now! The people these days are not ready to understand such old sayings and take them as Out-Dated. So now is the time to introduce the new one. The quote should now be - "Never look at the glass as half filled, look it as if its half empty!" No this is not pessimistic! All I want to say is that yes, the glass is half empty. If we look at the glass being half empty and make it our prime goal to fill this half empty part of the glass then we are at the right path. If we make it our target that yes, we will fill that empty space, then we will see that the glass wasn't of double the size our capabilities, but it was double the size of our efforts, our mindset, our psyche, our thinking!

All we need to do is make a decision and a promise that we will fill it come what may, and then we shall see the glass was too small in front of our capabilities! If we try we won't lose ever, and if we keep faith in ourselves and hold firm to our decisions and promises, we would certainly emerge victorious! Now you won't call me a pessimist, right?
As I always say, its just the matter how we look at things! ^_^

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