Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disk Defragmentaion! - How to do it!

So earlier I posted about Disk Defragment, a really handy tool which can help boost up your PC speed. Now here it is how to do it. Though there are many softwares for it, for example, Tuneup Utilities but they are not free. So, what comes to the rescue here? Hey!! Its you Windows!! :D Cool? oh Unbelievable?! hahaha! I know, I know, but its true, it is a feature included in your windows, though TuneUp Utilities got tonnes of advantages, but we won't discuss them right now, someday later maybe! :)
So, using Windows Defrag is extremely simple and I have illustrated it using screenshots from my own PC! :)
STEP - 1 - Open My Computer. Right Click on any Partition as shown below, and hen click Properties

STEP - 2 - Click on "Tools" Tab

STEP - 3 - Click on "Disk Defragment" Button

STEP - 4 - Click on "Analyze" Button

STEP - 5 - READ CAREFULLY!!! - On cliking analyze button, another pop-up window will open that would say either "You should defragment" else "You should not defragment" If it says you should defragment, YOU MUST DEFRAGMENT! and when it says you need not, then see the report. If the % of fragmented files is more than 5% then you should defragment!


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