Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day at college



Before you read any further, you must have seen that this is a long long note...So beware!

Very well then, if you have decided, go on!

First Day At College - Monday, 13th September, 2010 (Heavy Rainfall!)

So I reached college just 2 minutes late...But saw all the freshers downstairs...So I also decided to remain down at that time...After some 1 hour I came to know that its only my class that was going on (Damn it! - missed the first lecture?) Oh no, I reached 15 minutes before the class was set to over...so I got my attendance marked atleast :D

I tried to talk to 1-2 people, but wow! what the hell, ATTITUDE! huh! SO no friendly people found out there...anyways...The second period - Work Shop...Now who appointed THAT professor?? IRRITATING ...No senior tried to perform ragging, but it was seeming that, THAT Professor was really interested in that duh! Anyways, anyhow got that lecture over with....

Moving ahead, the best class was Computer Class and Physics class, :D I was a STAR! :D

SO somehow the boooooooring day got over...and I got out of the college...Now that's where the day turns even more "amazing"!...Oh I forgot to tell, 20 minutes prior to the time by which college gets over, it started to rain, no, rather, A STORM started...

I walked out of the college...To my surprise, could not find a single thing that could take me home..Now was that I went blind momentarily that I could not find a single bus or something, or it was that momentarily every thing vanquished off the road??..."Very well", I said, to myself...Then I started to walk..Oh you know my home is 8 kilometres(approx. 5 miles) from my college...I thought that I will find a bus or something...Oh you remember, it was raining heavily, thank god I had an umbrella!...So walking and walking and walking...after some 2 km, I thought "NO BUS? huh"..."move on, let the bus go to hell!"....walked and walked and walked...humming songs and making "deadly mixes" like - "I walk a lonely road the only one that I have ever known...I walk this empty, empty, empty, em, em, em, m, m, m, m, yo! Bebot Bebot yeah Bebot Bebot Yeah!" lol, anyways, I could not let myself be bored on my way home!...After some 6 km, I was required to take a right turn "YIPPEE! I FORGOT!!!"...I walked around 1 kilometre in the wrong direction, and then realized that this road does not leads home...and recalled "OH MY GOD! I FORGOT TO TAKE THAT RIGHT TURN....NOOOOO!!!!!!"...SO walked and walked again...Finally I saw a bus, after so long, but I saw the metro station in front of me, and bus was also speeding away, so it wasn't a good idea to catch the bus running...SO i walked to the metro...So till now I walked 8 kilometres (2 km extra coz. i forgot to take right turn! DAMN IT!) then after seeing the station, I thought, now its just 2 more kilometres to home...so lets resume our walking instead of catching the train now...SO i came home walking...10 KILOMETRES (6.22 miles approx.)...It took me 1 Hour 20 minutes to reach home...was feeling too hungry when i left college, and moreover the heavy rainfall made the 10 km as if 100km!!!



1. Puddle...Now don't look at me so strangely, u don't know why is it a landmark - a puddle equivalent to a small river, nearly 50 meters wide and would be 1 meter deep

2. A Dog - The smallest dog I ever saw in my life...would be some 12-13 cm tall (from ground level, where his toes touch)

3. Stinking Open Sewers - GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

4. 2 small kids rushing with heavy loads...And I stopped and helped them for a little while...



Mom - "Why are you so late?"

Me - "Well, I didn't find any bus so I came home walking!"

Mom - "WHAT!!!???"

And the scolding resumed....

Then I asked my bro - "What happened...why mom so angry?"

My bro - "How far is your college from home?"

Me - "well, some 8 kilometres"

"OMG!", I said to myself, "SO that's why mom's angry"

I said to mom (Thinking that this could shed some anger off her) - "Mom, I walked 10 km home in 1 hour 20 minutes!"

Mom - "But your college is 8 km, right?"

I - "Actually I took a wrong turn and walked 1 km in wrong direction, so it added 2 km to my journey, 1km in wrong direction, and then 1km back to the point where I was required to turn..."

Mom looking at me even more angrily!, saying to me - "You are telling as if it is an achievement!...Was the whole college walking to their home?"

I - "Hey mom! but I walked 10 km in 1 hr. 20 mins....Not that a bad score and timing that you are so angry"

After that the way mom looked at me, I walked(rather hurried!) away quietly to my room, saying to myself - "Sometimes I should not try to uplift people's mood...Thank God mom didn't slap me!"

And so the Quite Amazing day and quite amazing things got over...Phew!....Thanks for reading :)



  1. felt sry for you

  2. hahahaha! Thanx! LOL! By the way, I would have had liked if the sorry feeling person would have had rather put his/her name The anonymous! :p


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